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BtwnTheLines was created because we wanted to create a community of creative, fast thinking individuals who are willing and ready to see things from a new perspective; to bring like minds together in order to learn from one another.

We might read the same books, watch the same films, listen to the same songs and read the same poems but our interpretations are different.

Understanding the world you live in is important, opening your mind up to understand those who live in your world is


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Bi-Weekly, we will pick a book, album/song, film or poem largely focusing on a topic of discussion for the month, reading in between the lines to see what themes we discover from each chosen material. We then meet to discuss our findings, sharing with each other in hopes of discovering and learning a different way of thinking. 

The plan is to make the process of participating as seamless as possible for all our members, so as often as possible, books will be made available to download in PDF or eBook format; if any other format is required please do not hesitate to ask by sending an email. If said book is not available to download, an amazon link will be shared. 

Music links will be shared via Spotify / Apple Music / Soundcloud. Poetry will be shared in PDF format. 

If the chosen film is available to watch on Netflix, then a Netflix party link will be shared for the chosen film, or an online link will be shared. 







At each meeting, we review the chosen material, discuss amongst ourselves and post up a meeting summary (review) on Medium; the main focus of our medium reviews will be to highlight the most interesting perspective of the group, one that piqued our curiosity the most. Hopefully, a new name will be highlighted each week. 

We hope you will join us on this journey and share your thoughts and ideas with the members of the club as we listen and read in between the lines, be it book, album, song or poem.



©2020 by Btwn The Lines.

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